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Quizzes present an incredible opportunity to reach highly targeted, engaged consumers at any scale. People who could be a new customer for your business. We have a number of ways in which we help businesses grow thier audiances, and we can also help you maximise your current advertising spends.

We love helping small local businesses reach 1000's of people arund them, or huge multinational company increase awareness across entire countries.

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More information on what we can do, and how we do it is below

Here are some of the servies we can offer


Our localised quizzes (eg, How well do you know Tucson, Arizona?) are perfect for companies that want to reach people in a specific area.

95% of the people that take the quiz will be in the location that the quiz is about, and typically a few 1,000 people will take the quiz.

Highly Targeted

Reach 1.5k+ people

Grow your email list

How we price it

From $500

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We are fantastic at creating generic quizzes to suit any target audiance, for example a "Would you still pass your driving test?".

These quizzes have almost uncapped reach but still maintain targeting ability to ensure you reach the right people.

Highly Targeted

Reach 1.5k+ people

Grow your email list

How we price it

From $500

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How it works

To get things started we'll have a call or a series of emails to decide what quiz we should use to promote your business, we then go ahead and produce that quiz for you (you of course get to sign off).


We Promote The Quiz

Through various social and traditional media channels we promote your tailor made quiz.


The Questions

People log in and answer the questions we set up in the quiz.


The Advert

When the user is most engaged (Right before the result) we show an advert (special offers work a treat!).



The user then gets their results, and more often than not - they share, resulting in even more people taking the quiz, and in turn seeing your advert featured in it.

With this approach you hit the user with your advert right at the perfect time, just before they see their results, they are invested in taking the quiz, they are expecting to see their results, your advert will be front and center. If your message is compelling, you'll see incredible results.

What our clients say

We couldn't beleive the effect of running a quiz, the levels of engagement we saw across social media was more than we've seen for any other post we've made.

- Northampton Town Football Club -