Let us help you monetize your audiance

Perfect for sports clubs, celebrites and large brands.

How we help people just like you

If you have an established following on social media we can help you make the most of it.

Quizzes have engagement levels that beat anything else. You can reach not only your own followers, but when users share their quiz results you reach their followers too.

This gives us prime advertising space, which can be sold or used for your own message

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Generating Revenue

QuizDNA can help you generate significant revenues from your followers, without intrusive adverts or annoying spammy tweets.

Promoting yourself

We can also help you generate attention for your own merchandise, products or anything else you want to bring attention to. You'll get way more attention than simply tweeting about any of these things.

How it works

To get things started, we arrange a deal with you (depending on the goals, but always a percentage, not an up front fee!). We then produce the quiz on your behalf, you'll of course have final sign off After that it's time for the magic to happen.


Share the Quiz

Head over to your social channels, twitter, facebook, instagram and share away. We'll do the same, if we really like you.


The Questions

Your fans log in and answer the questions we set up in the quiz.


The Advert

When the user is most engaged (Right before the result) we show your choice of advert (either your own message, or a message from an advertiser).



The user then gets their results, and more often than not - they share, resulting in even more people seeing your quiz, and in turn the advert featured in it.

We've seen people who have just 20,000 followers have over 2,000 people take their quiz, and in turn seeing the advert, instead of a few 100 at best if the advert was tweeted directly.

This is why advertisers are willing to spend $1000's of dollars to sponsor your quiz.

Let's work together

We're ready and excited to help you maximise your social media activities, we can typically have a quiz ready in under a week.

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