It's all about the quizzes.

In 2016 we launched a little website, just to have some fun and challange our friends. 3 months later that website ( hit 100,000 users without spending a cent on advertising. We realised there may be a bit more to what we've built that we initialy thought.

We started getting approached by companies wanting to sponsor quizzes on TestAwesome and soon realised the opportunity we had created for businesses. We then started developing QuizDNA to allow us to offer various quiz related products and services to businesses.

Our first offering was to sell local sponsored quizzes. Things like "How well do you know Tucson?" gave a great opportnity for the sponsoring business to reach local people. We also at this pointed started experimenting with Facebook and Google adverts, where we stumbled acorss another interesting opportunity. Quizzes convert traffic REALLY well, for lots of different things.

We now are able to offer you quizzes to advertise, quizzes to optimise your advertising campaigns, quizzes to inrease your conversion, quizzes to reccomend products and more - We're all about the quizzes.

We're excited for what the future holds for our company, but even more excited about what the future holds for our customers.

If you're not taking advantage of quizzes, you're missing out.

For Conversion

See up to a 600% increase in conversion rates.

Use curiosity to your advantage.

Reccomendations boost conversion rates.

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For Advertising

Reach millions of people on social media.

Users are highly engaged with your advert.

Huge reduction in advertising spend.

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The easiest way to grow your business is to convert your current users better, we've seen conversion increases of as much as 600%.

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Quizzes are also a fantastic way to attract brand new customers to your buisness, we can reach millions of highly targeted users.

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If you have an established following on social media we can help you make the most of it, quizzes get insane engagement.

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What our clients say

We couldn't beleive the effect of running a quiz, the levels of engagement we saw across social media was more than we've seen for any other post we've made.

- Northampton Town Football Club -