We use viral quizzes to help you engage with and make money from your audience.

A "no brainer" for revenue and user engagement.

Why Quizzes?

Here's the problem: People are blind to advertising, they don't want tweets about buying this and buying that, they don't want 80 pop ups when they open your website. People LOVE quizzes. Quizzes are a fun way to engage with people, people share their results and enjoy testing themselves. We use this as an opportunity.

People love quizzes, they are engaging, fun and not intrusive.

They spread like wildfire across social media, multiplying audiances.

Incredible advertising opportunities.

Official Branded Quizzes

We work with sports clubs, celebrities and large organisations to launch branded official quizzes - They provide a way to engage with your audiance, and make significant revenue. We provide everything you need, you just post your quiz to your social media channels and enjoy.

Example: NTFC Quiz


Powerful White Labels

Your very own quiz website to grow and make money from your audience. You'll have a fully customizable website where you have full control over the functionality and quizzes that appear on your site, We'll handle the technology and the money making and you'll get a nice check once a month just for driving traffic.


Just for Fun

We love having fun and we love quizzes so we launched our own quiz site - It's now one of the best, and fastest growing quiz websites around. It also provides a great demo for the white label sites you can get yourself.

Check out TestAwesome

Grow your business

We have a uniquely engaged and captive audiance.

Do you want to reach 1000's of highly targeted potential customers for your business? We can help. All of our quizzes have incredibly powerfull advertising opportunities built into them, you can use video, ask for facebook likes, twitter followers, send them a app download link or email right from our advertising box.

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